Tuesday, June 8, 2010

PRO Grant 2009/2010 - Connection Expo @ Bowmore

In case you haven't had a chance to read the May Newsletter yet, we wanted another outlet to give thanks:


The Bowmore School Council would like to thank the
Ontario Ministry of Education for the $550 Parents
Reaching Out Grant (PRO)
to produce Connection Expo
@ Bowmore on Wednesday, May 5, 2010.

The event took place the same night as the school’s Living and Learning
Open House; both of these events were a fantastic way for
the school, the school council, students, families,
guardians and the community to celebrate Education

Thank you to: Melissa Kittmer who helped the Expo
Committee write the PRO grant; Paul Kittmer who designed
and produced the beautiful silk screened banners and
posters; Rob Tilley - Expo volunteer, Lloyd Gray - Expo
volunteer, Lori Anne Keith -face painter extraordinaire,
Maureen Boles for donating two AGO passes for the
raffle; Denise Mak for the digital camera donation from
Henry’s Photo-Video-Digital for the raffle and the 100+
tickets to the Photographic, Video & Digital Imaging
; Sandra Bussin and staff for the wonderful gift
basket for the raffle; ParticipACTION for the donation of
pedometers, Redpath Sugar - Acts of Sweetness for tours of their vintage truck,
activity sheets and aprons; Beach Metro Community News
for donating a free ad; SNAP Beaches/Danforth for
photography services and event listing; Lilian Hanson,
James Jarrett and all the Bowmore Staff for support and
collaboration; and to all our exhibitors: ABC Life Literacy
, Fairmount Park Community Centre, Active Kids
, Toronto Fire Services, Toronto Police Services,
Toronto Public Library, The Library Settlement
Partnership (LSP)
, Toronto Public Health Nurse, Carol
Harrison – R.N., City of Toronto: 311, City of Toronto
Arts and Culture
, Nicola Maguire for displaying her
brilliant artwork, Shelly Long-MART/Guidance
Counsellor, Expo Translators: Mari Wasee (Farsi),
Madhave Upadyay (Urdu), and Mandarin/Cantonese
support, Randy Langlois – Head Caretaker and staff for
excellent set up, tear down and on site support, and last,
but not least, the Connection Expo Committee: Annette
Bourque, Kyle Duncan, Le Eiko Hockema, Orla Kipling,
Jennifer Jones, and Susana Molinolo.

And last but not least, thank you to everyone who came by and experienced the expo.

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