Thursday, June 16, 2011

Emergency Update on Fairmount Park / Bowmore pool

Please join us:
Thurs, June 23, 6:30 - 8 p.m.
Fairmount Park CC meeting room

An opportunity to meet the Fairmount programming staff, to find out what their challenges are, and to learn how Bowmore parents can help by promoting the facility and ensuring that the programs that are offered are of maximum benefit and use for our community.

The two other Community Centre/TDSB leased pools in the area (SH Armstrong and Earl Beatty) both have "Advisory Councils." Fairmount used to, but it was abandoned years ago. To protect our pool and community centre, we may need to reestablish such a group - and quickly.

If you love our pool, please join us for a short and  informative exchange of ideas.

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