Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bowmore / Fairmount Park Shared Pool Update

The current review of the City of Toronto budget may have a serious impact on our Bowmore pool. At the end of 2011, the lease is due to expire on the 33 TDSB pools currently being leased by the City of Toronto, including Bowmore. The lease has temporarily been extended for a few months to allow for further discussion. If the City of Toronto decides not to renew the lease, our school pool programs will be in jeopardy and all swim programs offered through Fairmount Park will cease.

Read a recent news article about the risk to our swim programs at Bowmore

Four parents have volunteered to act as "Pool Captains" to lobby for renewing the lease, and to find alternate funding if the need arises to source private funds for pool programs at Bowmore/Fairmount Park. Kyle Duncan, Elizabeth Grundon, Maureen Boles and Susana Molinolo have kindly agreed to act as our advocates.

You can speak up for our swim programs, and many other vital issues facing Ontario families!
On Tuesday September 20, a delegation from Bowmore will attend the TDSB All Candidates Debate for Beaches East York. WE NEED YOU TO JOIN US AND SPEAK UP FOR BOWMORE KIDS as we ask the candidates where they stand on vital public funds for swim programs in our province.

In addition to the pool issue, this is a chance to find out where our candidates stand on the need for affordable and high-quality child care; quality of school buildings and facilities including playing fields; challenges facing special education, and many other issues impacting children and parents in Ontario.

The Beaches East York Riding debate takes place at Secord Public School, 101 Barrington Ave. 7:00pm.

Please attend and show our candidates that we care about the future of education in Ontario!

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