Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to donate directly to Bowmore enrichment programs

Want to directly support Bowmore enrichment activities like music instruments, Artist & Scientists in the Classroom or buses to field trips? You can! Here's how:
  • Write a cheque payable to Toronto District School Board
  • Donate an amount over $20 to get a tax receipt
  • In “Memo” section of the cheque, write where the money is to be directed (ie: particular program, needs or department)
  • Ensure that your mailing address on the cheque is correct (for tax receipt)
  • Bring cheque to Bowmore office--Attn: Ms. Baines
  • Ms. Baines will forward the cheque and request for tax receipt to TDSB
  • Cheque will be deposited in the school’s donation account and the funds will be spent according to the specifications on the cheque
  • TDSB will mail tax receipt directly to you


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