Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We're Fans of Learning & Teaching!

An ongoing issue at Bowmore has been high summer temperatures in our classrooms, particularly in west-facing rooms. We know that in May, June and September it can be difficult to learn and to teach, when temperatures in some classrooms can reach well into the 30's.

Two years ago, School Council used fundraising proceeds to purchase a number of fans for the hottest classrooms. Since that time, new classrooms have opened up at Bowmore and the heat has continued to rise school-wide. To address this issue in the short-term, a committee was re-struck at the May 2012 Council meeting (called the "Fan Club"), to assess which rooms are the hottest and purchase a sufficient quantity of fans.

We're pleased to report that thanks to a generous discount from Seabreeze Corporation, we were able to purchase 10 high-efficiency oscillating fans, meaning that we now have enough for at least one fan in every occupied classroom. Thank you to the amazing parent volunteers who sprang into action for our kids, during the hottest May on record!

However, we know that this need is far from over. Once again this year has been a scorcher already, and we can expect that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. That's why we will be pursuing longer-term, more permanent and eco-friendly cooling and ventilation solutions with our Trustee and TDSB officials. Please email us at if you have suggestions or if you can help with advocacy or letter writing.

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